Reasons Not to Vaccinate

Talk to your provider before getting your child vaccinated if:
  1. Your child had an allergic reaction to a previous vaccine.

  2. Your child has a serious neurologic disease.
    The pertussis vaccine (DTaP) should not be given if a child has a serious neurologic disease. Your child can still have the tetanus and diphtheria vaccine without the pertussis vaccine.

  3. Your child has immune system problems.
    Children with immune systems that are weakened by certain diseases or medicines should not get live virus vaccines (such as chickenpox, oral polio, or MMR). A live virus vaccine can cause the actual disease if the immune system is very weak.

  4. Your child has egg allergies.
    Children who have a severe allergy to eggs should not receive the influenza vaccine. However, children who are allergic to eggs can receive all other routine immunizations. Although the measles and mumps vaccines are grown in chick cells, the egg proteins are removed from these vaccines. The vaccines can be given without having your child tested for an egg allergy.

Vaccine Information

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